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Monthly Archive for May, 2007

What is “postmodern?” Seems like I have been asked that for years and come up with different answers at different times. One way of looking at postmodern faith is to think of it as “open source.” Go back to the Early Church and it was many people (usually not the apostle types) who went out […]

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The Mountain Goats

Yes, halo, and others, I have heard your cry and shownotes are done on open source faith, which I would argue is not just a postmodern approach to theology and life but something that has defined what “church” is at its best. The inspiration? JamGlue’s collaborative music site. Tomorrow afternoon. In the meantime, I was […]

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I Need More Cowbell!

Why? Its just been that kind of week and I’m just in that kind of mood. Life is good but you can never have too much cowbell. UPDATE: NBC is suing YouTube over posting this, so some of the best pr they could get is going into lawyers’ pockets instead. So all the unaltered versions […]

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