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Monthly Archive for September, 2008

Moved In… Kinda

The moving truck arrived, the boxes are all in the same house, I had a good first day in the office with the staff, so life is good. I’m not sure I will get a podcast off this weekend – I preach and Carla wants me to do something about all the boxes around the […]

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The Apocalypse Is Coming

Okay, I have seen the signs. Civilization is ending as we know it. Not because of AIG and the subprime crisis. Not because of the Russian invasion of Georgia. Not because of the mideast conflicts. The divine sign of judgment is the episode of Design Star that my wife just turned on where these aspiring […]

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Nothing To Do With Anything

Okay, this is just funny. Leave it to ebaum’s world. Thanks to Taylor Z. for having it on her Facebook page.

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