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Ad playing Doritos for Eucharist yanked from Super Bowl contest – Faith & Reason.

Gee, who could possibly be offended by a commercial where a priest uses pepsi and doritos in communion to get more people into church, thereby raising more money to pay church bills?

I believe God has a sense of humor, even about the sacred, but you have to be completely clueless to believe that only a “few” Christians would find this offensive. Pepsi has pulled the ad and you can’t find it on youtube or a google search. But it does point to the reality that one of the most sacred rites of Christianity is largely misunderstood today culturally. Ad agencies are supposed to know what connects with our culture, what are the taboos, and what is effective marketing to create goodwill. I keep pointing out to folks that if 50% of people under the age of 40 were raised outside of any religious tradition, not only are they not “coming back to church” (either by having kids or desiring childhood comforts of faith), they were never here and don’t understand. For an ad agency to be completely clueless about this just points to the problems of being a Christian today – we are fringe, not mainstream; we are a separate culture, not connected; and we are no longer communicating the Gospel in a meaningful and relevant way.

An offensive moment is also a teaching moment. We may be offended, Pepsi may have decided to care enough to pull the ad, but don’t expect it to last if we continue to be an isolating subculture instead of an evangelizing community.

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  1. Roy says:

    Don’t know where you found this, but thanks for posting. Being able to see it for myself, I can make my own decision about what it means. I totally agree with you but I do wonder what opportunities would be presented if the ad ran…

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