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ABPnews Blog | Many congregations are stuck in an overly churched culture.

Right now I’m sitting in a surgery waiting room while my wife’s stepdad is undergoing cancer surgery. Things are going well but at times like this, my mind wanders like a four year old after eating five twinkies trying to find things to pass the time.

This article has been sitting in my share file and I find its thoughts fascinating and on target. Perhaps the hardest case to make to a congregation to engage in 21st Century ministry is the point made here – 60-40-20 congregations don’t believe they are in the 21st Century. The ten assumptions really are striking and reflect where many (if not most) established congregations are at, no matter denominational tribe.

Sadly, most do not realize that 60-40-20 is a road to eventual irrelevance and organizational death.

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