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easter giveaway for jesus

World Harvest Church – Ultimate Giveaway.

Jesus Christ is risen today,
Haaaaaa leee luuu jah!
Brand new cars to give away,
Haaaaaa leee luuu jah!
Who did once upon the cross
Haaaaaa leee luuu jah!
Suffered to win you an Xbox.
Haaaaaa leee luuu jah!

You have got to be kidding me.

And people complain that Rob Bell talking about a gracious God is heresy and this garbage of Jesus saving you from hell so if you are faithful and give to Rod, you will receive salvation and financial prosperity is accepted?

Hope to post a podcast by the weekend. Not necessarily about this but when church members showed up on his college campus to hand out flyers to come win a car to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection and give your live to him to save you from hell… well, can’t pass up on this. Just too weird.

Just read the description. You can’t win from Jesus unless you give to the church first.

At World Harvest Church, we love Easter! And we want to share it with you so much during one of our two Easter celebrations. When you join us for Easter Sunday morning, you can register to win fabulous gifts including:

A Certified Pre-Owned 2008 Honda Civic LX from Lindsay Honda
46” Samsung Flat-screen TV
Apple iPad
HP Touch-Smart Personal Computer
Nintendo Wii
Cisco Flip Video Camera
$500 Wal-mart gift card
5 – $100 Kroger gas cards
Pastor Parsley is asking us to sow our Resurrection Seed offering at this service – our very best gift, in honor of the best gift ever given to fallen humanity. Then, we will celebrate the harvest that was the result of God’s Good Friday seed – a family that experiences miracles, healings and victory over the darkness of this world. This will be a service you will never forget – plan now to be here for all that God will do among us!

4 Responses to “World Harvest Church – Ultimate Giveaway”

  1. This is just nauseating.

  2. Russel Yoak says:

    When I lived in Florida the local Catholic church always raffled 2 cars at it’s Easter Sunday services. I always thought it was a little nuts then too.

  3. Gary says:

    I think it goes deeper than this. I had a post dealing with it on my blog as well.

  4. Tom Lyberg says:

    Excellent thoughts on your blog, Gary. Points to similar things I put in my latest podcast.

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